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Cities Make Environmental Strides

Many cities are taking huge steps toward greater sustainability, thanks to GreenStep Cities—a public-private partnership involving eight organizations, including the League. GreenStep provides participating cities with information and how-to’s. Since its inception four years ago, 69 cities have joined and reported 1,600 projects. The Star Tribune highlighted the program in a recent article.

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2014 Fireground Safety—10 Frequent Mistakes, 10 Best Practices with Dr. Richard Gasaway(September, various dates and locations)

Learn how different roles can contribute to improved fireground safety.
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Police Leadership in the New Normal—Part II—with Randy Means(September and October, various dates and locations)

Find out how consistent policies and key principles are necessary for effective police leadership.
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Why Police Reports Are a Big Deal - with Jason Hiveley (October, various dates and locations)

Learn why having the ability to craft a well-written police report is crucial—and get practical tips to help you hone this skill.
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New Cyber Security Resource for Cities

Unfortunately, data security breaches have become a hot topic in the news today. So how can you protect your city and its data?

The League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust’s new eRisk Hub can assist members in the prevention of network, cyber, and privacy losses—and provide support in the timely reporting and recovery of losses if an incident does occur.

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How Well Do You Know the OSA?

LMCIT Annual Report Outlines New Coverages and More

Business Leadership Council

The LMC Business Leadership Council (BLC) provides financial support for the League, as well as a wealth of knowledge and expertise throughout publications and conferences.


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