Welcoming Immigrants to Minnesota

When people from other countries arrive in Minnesota, they face a series of puzzles to solve that stand between the lives they left behind and the future they seek. But cities and their partners are helping immigrants and refugees put the pieces together and transition successfully into new lives as good neighbors, strong parents, and valued employees and business owners.

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2016 Clerks' Orientation Conference

August 2-4—St. Paul, MN
If you are new to your job, or have never attended the League of Minnesota Cities Clerks’ Orientation Conference, this 3-day workshop is a must. This conference provides excellent basic training for city employees charged with municipal clerk’s duties—including essential information on election laws, financial management, data practices, human resources, and insurance and loss control issues.
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Free Webinar: Police-Worn Body Cameras—How to Handle Data and Public Input Under the New Law

August 30—1-2 p.m.
If your police department has a body-worn camera (BWC) policy, or is considering implementing one, a new law in effect August 1, 2016, could impact your department. Take part in this webinar to learn the requirements of this new law, understand the issues and pitfalls of BWC programs, and hear from practitioners.
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Developing a Culture of Safety: 16 Life Safety Initiatives

September and October—various dates and locations
This evening workshop will take you through the 16 Life Safety Initiatives that contribute to the foundation of safety policies in the U.S. fire service. You'll discover how to minimize hazards, identify potential risks, and explore strategies to help ensure safety during tactical training and operations.
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City Learning Point: Professional Online Training

City Learning Point provides online courses that are easy to navigate and designed specifically for the staff and elected officials of Minnesota cities.

It’s affordable, convenient, effective training just for Minnesota cities!

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Pokémon Go and the City

New Law Makes Election Process Changes

Resource Library

Check out the Resource Library to find handbooks, manuals, information memos, publications, and other resources you need to govern and manage your city.

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According to the state demographer, Minnesota’s age 65+ population will surpass the age 5-17 population by what year?


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According to the state demographer, Minnesota’s age 65+ population will surpass the age 5-17 population by what year?

  • 2050
  • 2020
  • 2025
  • 2040

The answer is 2020.

Learn more about Minnesota’s demographic trends in a recent Minnesota Cities magazine article.