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Don’t Let Incivility Paralyze Your City

Being passionate about your community is what makes you a great city official or employee. But when passions flare and behavior crosses the line into incivility, everyone suffers and nothing gets accomplished. So if things are getting heated in your community, a new collection of resources can help. You’ll find information, tips, tricks, and tools designed to get your city through a difficult time and back on track to serving the community you love.

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2014 Regional Meetings (October, various dates and locations)

Pull up a chair to discuss today's hottest municipal topics with your neighboring city colleagues and LMC staff!
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2015 Leadership Conferences (Save these dates!)

Newly Elected Officials
Jan. 9-10—Cohasset
Jan. 23-24—Mankato
Jan. 30-31—Brooklyn Center
Feb. 20-21—Alexandria

Experienced Officials
Jan. 30-31—Brooklyn Center


Arbitration Award Summaries Database

Does your city have a potential labor arbitration on the horizon? Then you may want to research similar cases. The League's Arbitration Award Summaries database can help you get started. You can search the database by arbitrator name, arbitration type, employee group, and date to find summaries of arbitration decisions going back to December 2012.

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Social Media Now Exempt from Open Meeting Law

Considering Annexation? Take Note of New Changes in State Law

Business Leadership Council

The LMC Business Leadership Council (BLC) provides financial support for the League, as well as a wealth of knowledge and expertise throughout publications and conferences.


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