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Revisions to Responsible Contractor Law

The Responsible Contractor Law, which was enacted in 2014 and requires prime contractors to certify under oath that they meet certain minimum criteria to be awarded a project, was amended by the 2015 Legislature to address concerns that arose in the initial months of its operation. The most significant revision for cities changes the process that contractors must follow when certifying that they and their subcontractors are responsible contractors. Changes took effect July 1.

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Avoiding Public Sector #SocialMediaMissteps

August 6—11 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Discover strategies for dealing with inaccurate, inappropriate, or indecent information, look at how the Open Meeting Law can make using social media more complicated, and more during this free webinar.
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MN Medical Cannabis Program: Introduction & Legislative Update

August 18—1-2 p.m.
What is the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program? Take part in the discussion about the program including the laws and rules, manufacturers of cannabis, registry, vision of the required research component, and more.
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Basic Police Reports (Writing for Success)

various dates—September and October
Whether you are a new officer or an experienced one, it’s crucial you know how to write reports in an organized, factual, and effective manner. During this hands-on workshop, you will explore common report-writing problems, discuss techniques for writing a more complete and detailed report, and examine your own writing style.
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Take a Bite From the Apple: Best Practices for Safety Committees

various dates—September and October
Safety committees are vital—both in keeping your city’s employees healthy and in complying with OSHA—but understanding their specific roles can be tricky. We'll try to simplify it: just as an apple is more edible by slicing it into sections, let us help you digest how to develop and operate a safety committee by breaking it down into parts.
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Arbitration Award Summaries Database

Does your city have a potential labor arbitration on the horizon? Then you may want to research similar cases. The League's Arbitration Award Summaries database can help you get started. You can search the database by arbitrator name, arbitration type, employee group, and date to find summaries of arbitration decisions going back to December 2012.

Read more and access the Arbitration Award Summaries database


Guidance on the 'Small Cities Assistance Account'

2015 Annual Conference Materials Now Available

Nuisance conditions can affect livability. What is the most common nuisance complaint in your city?


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Nuisance conditions can affect livability. What is the most common nuisance complaint in your city?

  • Barking dogs
  • Overgrown yards
  • Unshoveled sidewalks
  • Noisy neighbors

Tips for preventing and eliminating common nuisance conditions in Minnesota cities can be found in the “Public Nuisances” information memo.


Construction Around League Building

Planning to visit the League? Please note that construction on Sherburne Avenue, just north of the League building, is currently blocking the League’s back parking lot entrance. Please use the main entrance of the League’s parking lot at 145 University Avenue West during this time. The construction is expected to continue until late August.
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